"A most compelling memoir. Once I started I could not put it down."

Knowlton, Quebec


"…it tore my guts out."

Holocaust survivor-
Lakewood, New Jersey


"… could not put it down. I am in awe of her"

San Diego, California


"… Your story of survival is improbable but true. Only another survivor can attest to your truthfulness"

Lakewood, New Jersey


"… I could not put the book down - I had to keep reading even though so many times I was emotionally overwhelmed. So you did tell...!

Pointe Claire, Quebec



Auschwitz Prisoner: 48378

More than fifty years have passed since the Holocaust ended. During this time I have not lived a single day or night without unbidden flashbacks and recurring nightmares that wrack me with painful memories and overwhelm me with depression and guilt.

I am seventeen years old, huddling with my sister and her seven year old daughter, my niece Felunia, beside the rail road tracks at Maydanek. We have barely crawled out of the fetid cattle car that has brought us here from the Umschlagplatz and now my sister is pushing me away, crying, begging me to leave them, to line up in the last labor unit being formed from our transport. To live while they died. Through her tears she is saying, “Do whatever you can to survive, so you can tell.” …

I survived Hell. I am a living witness to its existence. Yet today, there are people who deny that such horrors ever happened. It is a time when our youth refuses to believe that human beings would ever subject other human beings to such suffering again. I have struggled for the strength and courage to deliberately invoke the terror and horror that those events seared into my memory and to record them in written words. My witness is just one story. Six million other stories will never be told. My family, my neighbors, my friends, and the people whose names I never knew, who did not survive, must be remembered by my children, my grandchildren and the future generations to come. This testament is dedicated to the memory of my sister, Channa, and is the fulfillment of my promise to her; to tell what happened to the Jewish people … to anyone who will listen.


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